Four Restaurants That Norcross Georgia Locals Would Recommend

Four Restaurants That Norcross Georgia Locals Would Recommend

Located in Gwinnett County, Norcross GA is not a big city. That most likely means that it is a beautiful and rustic city, wouldn’t you think. Georgia is a beautiful state in general, and Norcross is a great city whether you are visiting or passing through. Let’s look at four restaurants in the city that you can stop at while you are looking for food. It will be good for you to recognize the names of some top establishments that the locals would recommend.

Mojito’s Cuban American Grill is located on South Peachtree Street. There are many delicious foods like ropa vieja, oxtail, guava cheesecake and more. Have you ever tried guava cheesecake before? I haven’t, and I have to say I would like to try it. Any cheesecake is good pretty much, and there seems to be all kinds of great foods to try there at Mojito’s Cuban American Grill.

Another top establishment in Norcross, Georgia is 1910 Public House, and it is located on Main Street NW. This place serves up great brunch foods like chicken pot pies, burgers, shrimp and grits. One reviewer talks about having the privilege of great gluten free menu choices. As you might could imagine, 1910 Public House has a rustic decor.

The Juicy Crab is another popular establishment, and you can find it on Pleasant Hill Road. They have snow crab, blue crab, oysters and all kinds of great menu choices. One reviewer talks about ordering the Dungeness Crab and shrimp combination, and that sounds really delicious. I’m not always in the mood for seafood, but when I am, a place like that sounds really cool.

Agavero Camtina is up next, and it is on Lawrenceville Highway NW. Perhaps it is time for some sizzling fajitas or a smothered burrito. The menu highlights say they have chunky guacamole, too. It’s always good if a Mexican restaurant has good salsa, guacamole, queso and homemade tortillas. Those are good requirements for choosing a really good Mexican restaurant.

That’s four top Norcross, Georgia establishments, and I would like to visit all of them. If you are just passing through like I would be if I were in the area though, then you might just have time to pick one of them. In that case, which one is it going to be? I suppose if I had to pick one first it would be 1910 Public House.

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